The most exquisite of Ronda in our “Serrano Breakfast”

A good dining experience is a combination of the chef’s skill, an attractive presentation of the dish, professional yet friendly service and, above all, quality ingredients, as we have in Ronda.


Mediterranean gastronomy stands out for its great importance in healthy and balanced nutrition. With natural products such as olive oil, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, it creates menus that promote a variety of health and wellness benefits. Likewise, Ronda’s gastronomy reflects this idea with great clarity, producing fresh and healthy dishes that offer an authentic and tasty gastronomic experience with ingredients such as:


This type of honey, apart from maintaining an excellent taste free of chemicals and additives, offers a total nutritional quality preserving all its natural nutrients, supporting the protection of ecosystems and respecting the surrounding environment, without damaging the soil, water or air nearby.


With a tasty combination of fruits and flavours, you can give your taste buds a treat with jams made from fresh and natural ingredients such as seasonal fruits. They offer a satisfying, sweet and fresh experience with greatly reduced sugar consumption and no additives or preservatives.


We all know the many benefits of olive oil, but we would like to highlight the oil we produce ourselves in Ronda where, thanks to the crops on our land, we collect and process a very special oil that is the perfect complement to countless dishes such as seafood, meat or vegetables.


This cheese, made from payoya goat’s milk, native to the “Serranía de Ronda” and the “Sierra de Grazalema”, offers a balanced flavour and texture with a certain creaminess, which can be served either on its own or with any dish to add a touch of great delicacy.


This simple and excellent dessert from Ronda can be the perfect end to a complete culinary experience full of local products. With an ideal fluffiness and a sweet taste that you can complement with a good coffee or tea.

But… What if we told you that you could have all these tasty ingredients in one breakfast?


Each of the foods we have mentioned above are all together in one dish, in our “Serrano Breakfast”. These are accompanied by other delicious ingredients such as an assortment of homemade bread made in Cuevas del Becerro, Iberian ham, various cereals, natural tomato, fresh fruit, bacon, homemade yoghurt or different tasty egg preparations.

All this comes together to offer a dish that makes you start the day with an explosion of textures, flavours, energy and vitality. And all with local products!

Enjoy this complete breakfast in the restaurant of our Hotel Molino del Arco for a complete Ronda experience.

Visit our website to discover this and much more and do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you!

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