Magical excursion: Cueva del Gato (Cat’s Cave)

Ronda, a charming town located in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, is known for its stunning mountain scenery, rich history and ancient architecture. However, beyond its cobbled streets and iconic bridges, there is a natural treasure waiting to be discovered: the Cueva del Gato (Cat’s Cave). This underground wonderland is a perfect choice for those who wish to escape the urban routine and immerse themselves in nature.

The Cat’s Cave

Located about 10 kilometres northwest of Ronda, it is one of the region’s hidden gems. The name of the cave comes from a local legend that tells the story of a cat that went into the cave and never came back. The entrance to the cave is located in the bed of the Guadiaro river, creating a spectacular and refreshing landscape.

The excursion to the Cueva del Gato starts in Ronda, where you can drive to the starting point. As you approach the cave, the landscape changes dramatically. You will be surrounded by lush forests and mountains, creating a calm and serene atmosphere. The trip itself is a wonderful experience, as you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Andalusian countryside as you take in the natural surroundings.

Once you arrive at the starting point, you will have to walk for about 20 minutes along a well-marked path until you reach the entrance to the cave. Along the way, you can admire the local flora and fauna, as well as the small waterfalls and streams that form along the river. Remember to bring comfortable shoes and water, as the walk can become a little demanding in places.

When you arrive at the Cueva del Gato, you will be impressed by its magnitude and beauty. The cave is a unique geological formation, with stalactites and stalagmites hanging from the ceiling and emerging from the ground. Inside, there is a small lagoon with crystal-clear water that invites visitors to take a refreshing dip. This is the perfect time to enjoy an impromptu picnic by the water and relax in the middle of nature.

If you are an adventure lover, you can also explore the deeper caves with the help of a local guide. These caves beyond the area accessible to the general public offer a thrilling experience and allow you to delve into the underground wonders of the region.

After having enjoyed the Cueva del Gato in all its splendour, you can return to Ronda feeling refreshed and in tune with nature. This tour is a perfect escape from city life and gives you the opportunity to unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the natural environment.

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