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Ronda is an ideal destination for adventure and nature lovers. With its stunning mountain setting and its location next to the Tajo de Ronda, this city offers a wide variety of multi-adventure activities that will allow you to enjoy exciting outdoor experiences. In this post we present some of the most outstanding options for you to live unforgettable adventures in Ronda. Read on!

Paragliding and skydiving

These sports give you the opportunity to fly like a bird and feel the thrill of freefall. Ronda is a very special place for this practice because of its incredible panoramic views while you take to the skies in paragliding, or experience an adrenaline rush from a parachute jump. An unparalleled experience for lovers of adventure and freedom.


Canyoning is another popular activity in Ronda, especially in the impressive Tajo de Ronda gorge. Descending waterfalls, jumping into crystal clear pools and enjoying the spectacular scenery is a unique experience full of excitement and adrenaline. On your own or with the help of expert guides, you can explore the canyons and enjoy an unforgettable adventure in the middle of nature.

Hiking and trekking

Ronda is a paradise for lovers of hiking and trekking. With an extensive network of well-marked trails, you can explore the region’s most impressive natural landscapes. From gentle, scenic routes to challenging mountain hikes, there are options for all levels of ability.


It is an exciting activity that allows you to explore the underground caves and grottoes of Ronda. You will discover a fascinating world of rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites as you venture into the depths of the earth. Accompanied by specialised guides, you can delve deep into the heart of the Ronda mountains and discover hidden places that will take your breath away.

Horse riding

Exploring the landscapes of Ronda on horseback is an enchanting experience. You can hike the mountain trails, forests and fields, while enjoying the tranquillity and natural beauty that surrounds you. Whether you are an experienced rider or have never ridden a horse before, you will find suitable options for you. You can opt for short walks or longer routes, always accompanied by expert guides.


If you are looking for a vertical challenge, climbing in Ronda is a popular activity. With its imposing rock faces and cliffs, the region offers opportunities for all levels, from beginners to experienced climbers. Whether you’re an amateur looking to learn new skills or you’re experienced, Ronda has options for you.

We hope this post has inspired you to take part in a multiadventure in Ronda. You can find a multitude of companies that will make your experience safe and unforgettable.

To rest after your day of strong emotions we recommend our Hotel Molino del Arco, in the heart of the Ronda mountain range. To discover our facilities and services you can visit our website here. And if you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer them.

Ronda is all about excitement. We look forward to seeing you!

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