A walk through time in Ronda: the “Casa del Rey Moro”

In the historic centre of Ronda stands the majestic Casa del Rey Moro, which dates back to the 18th century and represents an architectural jewel with centuries of history and culture of the societies that have passed through the municipality. In addition, its location at the top of the Tajo gorge affords privileged views of the famous bridges that link the old and new parts of Ronda.

With its design and strategic location, this historic house has become both an icon for locals and a major tourist attraction for visitors to the Andalusian city.


The house consists of three parts, a water mine, a large house and a fully decorated garden.


One of the greatest hydraulic engineering creations of the Nasrid Kingdom in its time, it is nowadays the best preserved in Andalusia.

Its main part is the Sala de la Noria, a place where there was a large waterwheel responsible for extracting water from the river, which was then brought to the city by human labour. posteriormente, era llevada a la ciudad por medio de trabajo humano.

Moreover, this water mine, being part of the city wall, had to be equipped with defences and sufficient provisions for any unexpected attack on the city.. For this reason, in its lower part, there is a tower where different defence tools and weapons were kept to repel attacks.


What was originally a house with a typical Andalusian structure of the time, with a multitude of rooms surrounding a decorated courtyard, has been modified several times over the years. From noble families to multimillionaires have wanted to make this house their legacy, but it was not until 1911, when Trinidad von Scholtz Hermensdorff acquired the house and completely renovated it by buying and demolishing the surrounding houses to enlarge the house and create a large garden.


It is a Hispano-Muslim garden similar to those found in the Alhambra in Granada or the Alcázar in Seville.

In addition, by creating three slightly different levels in height, the architect in charge of creating this garden, Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier, designed the limited designated space to take on the function of a garden facing the Tagus on its northern side.


The House of the Moorish King has become an obligatory point of reference for visitors to Ronda. Its rich history, combined with its unique architecture and breathtaking views, attracts tourists from all over the world.


Today, the Moorish King’s House also serves as a cultural and educational venue. Events, exhibitions and activities are held here to keep alive the connection with history and the local community.

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